Time & Stress Saving Tips For Thanksgiving

I’m so excited for thanksgiving this year, it’s going to be a really fun holiday with my family. To me the most important thing is just everyone being together and sharing laughs, love and memories, and being thankful for all that we have.

Now although everyone’s goal is to just have a relaxing time, let’s face it, it can become really stressful preparing for the big dinner on thanksgiving. It’s not very fun if you’re spending your entire day cooking, cleaning and trying to get things done before the family gets there. I came across a really helpful list of 10 tips to help you be a lot less stressed on the big day.

10 tips to be stress free and save time on Thanksgiving:

  1. Serve what you and your guests really love to eat.
  2.  Ask guests to bring a side dish or a dessert.
  3. Stay energized the healthy way.
  4. Make your side dishes the day before.
  5. Prep dough ahead of time.
  6. Put your oven on double duty.
  7. Only use square or rectangular pans.
  8. Save time and guilt with this healthy stuffing recipe.
  9. Dont play Bartender.
  10. Set the table the night before.


To read all the details in the full article please Click Here: http://www.shakeology.com/blogs/2015/11/16/10-time-stress-saving-tips-thanksgiving/

I hope this post helps you have a more relaxed and fun filled holiday…!


New Blog + Modeling Event


Hi everyone,  I know I have been away for a while, I  have been creating a new blog, still wordpress but hosted by godaddy.com. I am really happy about it and I would love it if you all can follow me and subcribe to my new blog at http://www.beautybydesy.com

I really appreciate all of you and I will follow. Thank you guys and girls so much and I will see you all on the other blog.

It’s Personal Development Time

So I have decided to finally do a series on my blog about Personal Development and how everyone (men, women, boys, girls) can enhance their lives to become the person that they want to become. I will also do a video for each post that I do on this topic, and I hope to do this series over a 2 week period and I hope that you all will be able to take something from my series and use it in your everyday life. Please feel free to leave any comments, concerns or questions below any of my posts and share to your friends and followers as well.

Thanks guys and girls, Post #1 coming up in a few hours……

Motivational Monday – Don’t Give Up


Hi beauties, Im so happy that my computer is working again and that I can finally get back to posting more frequently. Today I just wanted to post a bit of motivation for everyone. I think that I will keep Mondays as “Motivational Monday” so that I can hopefully encourage someone to get through the week with strength, peace, and optimism.

I love the principle behind Kimora Lee Simmons, she never gives up or quits no matter the obstacles that come here way. Her notable quote “Life is a series of adjustments; You can make changes along the way, but if you don’t start moving forward you’ll never get anywhere!” really rings truth in my life. Every big and great building or monument, every beautiful painting or WORK OF ART in this world was not built or painted in a second or even in a few hours. It took time, planning and step by step actions to accomplish building those great things.

Michelangelo's painting on the Sistine Chapel
Michelangelo’s painting on the Sistine Chapel

Michelangelo didn’t paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in a day, it took 4 years. The great wall of China didn’t happen over night either. This holds true when it comes to pursuing your goals and dreams as well, yes planning is important and having a vision for the end result is important as well, however if you never take action, if you never take the first step and continue to consistently take steps toward  acheiving your goals, you will never accomplish what you set out to accomplish in life.

The Great Wall Of China
The Great Wall Of China

Life may take you on a roller coaster ride, but if you keep consistently doing a little or even a lot each day to bring you closer to your goals then you will see the results that you want. You will accomplish the very thing that you set out to accomplish, but it does take dedication, persistence and undeniable faith that it will come to pass. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can not do something, not even your self.

So I leave you with some awesome pics of a woman that I admire for her hard work, dedication and principles Kimora Lee Simmons.



Kimora Lee Simmons
Kimora Lee Simmons


Fashion Find & Come Back

Vera Wang Dress
Vera Wang Dress

Hi everyone, I know that I was gone for a while and I am so sorry for not posting anything up since I started my series but some crazy computer issues came up and I just couldn’t do anything on my computer. I am happy to say however, that things are back on track, my baby is working fine now and I’m just excited to be blogging again.

I hope that everyone is doing great, and even though it’s 4:45am here in Brooklyn, I had to post these really cute pics I saw at the Vera Wang store today. I just fell in love with the beautiful design and of course the sparkly material…:)

Vera Wang Dress in Grey
Vera Wang Dress in Grey

Oh yeah, before I forget I will be continuing on my Blog Series from tomorrow, but I will condense the series since 30 days have long gone.

30 Days To a Healthier You

Happy Monday everyone, I hope that everyone had a safe weekend. I am actually really excited today because today’s  blog post is going to be the first of many posts for my First Ever Blog Series entitled “30 Days to a Healthier You.” I was really searching for a way to bring something new and different for you guys to be able to actually incorporate into your life whether or not you are into beauty, and fashion or not. Each day for the next month I will show you 30 Simple Ways that you can manage the stress in your life in this busy world and improve your overall health.

Now some of you may be thinking what in the world can I possibly do in 30 days to make my life healthier and stress free, well let me start by saying that you can do a whole lot…!!! The spa company that I work with has done tons of research on stress management, and here are just a few facts for you to keep in mind before we go into our first of 30 simple ways that you can improve your lifestyle:

1. Stress is an unavoidable part of our every day lives, and unfortunately with the ever-increasing demands that come with managing our families, personal lives and careers, we end up ‘stressed out’ and oftentimes have difficulties coping with our responsibilities.

2. The Human Body is designed to experience stress and react to it. Stress that continues without relief, however, can lead to distress – a negative stress reaction. Managing this negative stress is vital to the health and well-being of all individuals.

3. It is estimated that 80-90% of all diseases today are stress related. Stress has been associated with ulcers, obesity, loss of appetite, migraines and tension headaches, difficulty sleeping, mental disorders and an increased use of cigarettes, alcohol and drugs.

4. Stress has also been linked to some of the leading causes of death, including cancer, heart disease, lung ailments, suicide, accidents and cirrhosis of the liver due to alcoholism.

So you see effectively managing your negative stress can and will save your life and bring you to live a healthier and more enjoyable  life.

Now that we soaked up some facts about what makes our life so unhealthy let’s go into our FIRST STEP for day one of our healthy living.

STEP #1 –  Start Out Earlier : This may sound like a simple thing that has nothing to do with makin your life healthier, however I beg to differ. Think about it, if you woke up 10 minutes earlier than you usually do, leave for work or school 10 minutes earlier and arrived at your meetings or appointments 10-15 minutes earlier wouldn’t it be a lot more relaxing and empowering…?? No rushing and forgetting things like your notes, books, keys, or socks…lol ( seriously that happened to me once ).  No more honking the crap out of your car to get the poor old lady to make the light so that you won’t be late

pic can be found on blurtit.com

 It really is that simple 10 minutes can literally save you,  help you keep your sanity and bring some confidence and relief back into your life.

Preparing things the night before is a great way to maximize this step because if you do all of your ironing, lunch making, packing your work bag/school bag, and even showering if you’re the type that just likes 1 shower, these all help you to make the morning time less hectic, more relaxing, fresh and wonderful.

pic can be found on sheknows.com
pic can be found on sheknows.com

Try this step out and leave me a comment or any thoughts on how and if it helped you out in any way….. and let me know if you all prefer a morning post or an evening post, I really want you to be able to have time to soak in all of the steps so Tune in tomorrow for STEP #2 of my Series…..

OOTD – Blue Jeggings

blue pants

I just couldn’t resist wearing my blue jeggings today, it’s a bit cloudy here in NYC, so I figured they would work great to keep me warm because I get cold really easily.

I decided to pair my royal blue jeggings from Telco,with a sky blue short sleeve top also purchased from Telco in Staten Island New York, a fitted white jacket purchased from Rainbows , and my very comfy black flats.

My comfy flats


My bracelets

I just wanted to be very comfortable for today, but still look perdy…lol…It’s a pretty relaxed day of work for me so this outfit works really well.

Two-Toned Lip Color for Spring

Two Toned Lips

Hey girls and guys, how was everyone’s weekend…Well I hope that it was great and I am so excited to do a Makeup theme today. I am going to start a makeup post each week hopefully every Monday.

Spring is such a beautiful time of year, and when it comes to makeup, it’s all about pretty,light colors. I just love the look above it just gives such feminine touch, its soft yet the look is very sexy and subtle. The two toned lip color is just amazing, it just screams spring. So Here’s all the info you need to get the Two-Toned Look: (All products used are Mark Products and can be found here

FACE : Using the powder brush, gently dust bronze pro all over the face. (Model is wearing shade pro glow. Using the blush + bronzer brush, buff just blushing in shade foxy over the apples of the cheeks.

EYES : Using the all over eye shadow brush, sweepi-mark in shade minx over the lids. Using theangled contour eye shadow brush, blend the shade into the creases. Run no place to run in shade foxy brown along the upper lash lines. Brush two coats of lash act in shade blackest black onto lashes.

LIPS : Run glossworks in shade tempest along the lip line. Next, starting at the tempest-shaded outline, blend glossworks in shade tropica over the lips to create a luscious, two-toned effect

What are your favorite makeup lip colors for spring…???

What Is Make It Happen May…???


“Make it happen may” has been all over Youtube and Twitter,  however some of you might not know exactly what it is. I came across the hash tag on Twitter and decided to check it out. I was very inspired after finding a link to Nikki Phillippi’ s channel explaining what it was. For those of you who don’t know who she is, she is one of YouTube’s best and biggest Beauty Gurus. Her videos are very uplifting, inspiring, fun, and girly. Nikki does videos on makeup, skincare, style, fashion, and living a healthy lifestyle.


In a nutshell she is just a really genuine person and she came up with a theme for the month of May to “Make it Happen” , meaning what ever goals or aspirations you have this is the month to push and achieve them. No excuses, no pity party, just hardwork and moving forward with purpose. She suggested that we write down our goals on paper, so that we have a visual of it, which will keep you focused if you can see it each day.

A lot of people have joined in with her theme to make it happen and I hope that you will too. Just use the hash tag #makeithappenmay in your tweet, and share with everyone what you would like to make happen this month… If you would like to check out Nikki’s YouTube channel you can go to http://www.youtube.com/nikkiphillippi .
*** Remember anything is possible with hard work, and persistence. ….!!!!!

Instant Manicure Product Review

BC Instant Manicure
BC Instant Manicure

Hi loves, how is everyone’s week going so far…? Well my week has been very busy and kind of crazy, but I finally got some free time to do a product review for you guys.

So as you guys know, I work with the #1 Spa company in America called BeautiControl, and we use an amazing product on our clients to get their hands looking years younger, and feeling ridiculously soft and smooth. I have been getting a lot of good feedback from my clients at the spas that I do and they really love the results that they instantly get after I apply BeautiControl’s Instant Manicure Scrub to their hands.

The scrub contains Dead Sea Salts, peppermint, orange tea oil, canola oil, macadamia nut oil, spearmint oit, and melon. The dead sea salt helps to exfoliate the dead surface cells, while the natural botanical ingredients lock in the moisture in your hands. All you need is a dime size amount, rub it in really well on your hands, between fingers, and back of hand for about 2 minutes and Whalaaa…. Instant manicure A.K.A beautifully soft and younger looking hands.

I started using the scrub on myself when I started my own spa business with BeautiControl and my hands feel so much softer and they look amazing. I no longer have to hide my hands in my pocket or be scared to put on my stockings because it’s gonna get a run in it from my rough skin….lol … I definitely love this product and I would recommend it to anyone. It’s for men and women so even guys use it which is really great, because a lot of brands make products geared towards just women. The price is very reasonable at only $28.00 and the tub will last at least 2 months using it 1x a day for the first week, then 2-3 times a week after that.spearmint

If any of you would like to try out the Instant Manicure Hand Scrub, leave me a comment below and tell me, I will be happy to send you a sample for you to try out…!!! You can also get the full product here http://shop.beauticontrol.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10551&storeId=10551&productId=85407&langId=-1&parent_category_rn=32697&top_category=